Thursday, 9 January 2014

No damage or casualties as earthquake strikes Turkey and Cyprus

By Boulent Mustafa

At around 5.30pm on Saturday evening, a quake measuring 6 on the Richter Scale hit Turkey’s Antalya region and Cyprus. While many reported feeling the tremors, the authorities in Turkey, North and South Cyprus confirmed there had been no casualties or structural damage to properties.

According to the Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute (pictured), the epicentre of the earthquake was in the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of 87km. The tremors were most acute in the popular tourist resort of Alanya, just 52 miles away from the quake’s epicentre, with the shockwaves felt as far afield as Mersin, east of Alanya and throughout the island of Cyprus.

Following the 30 second quake, police took panicked calls from residents, who reported of items had been swaying in their homes and businesses. Four after-shocks were also recorded, which the Geological Survey Department in South Cyprus said measured 3.0 in magnitude.

Date: Monday 30 December 2013

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