Thursday, 23 January 2014

Bayram etiquette


By Eray & Koray

With the recent run of Bayrams (there seems to be one every week), it made us think about an important tradition: ‘At what age do you stop kissing the hands of your elders when you greet them and when should you start extending yours?’

Like the rest of Britain, many Turks are getting married and having kids far older. Does that mean they cross the hand-kissing threshold later too? There’s nothing worse than meeting an older person and not knowing appropriate greeting methods.

Would a Nene aged 58 be a ‘kiss-the-cheeker’ or a ‘hand-kisser’? When does an Abi upgrade to an Enişte or skip straight to Amca even if he isn’t your dad’s brother? At what age should you keep cash for kids kissing your hand at Bayram? Who sets these rules?

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