Monday, 2 March 2015

Are you ready for the ‘Turkashians’? Turkish family in London needed for new mini TV series

If your family's "funny, interesting & a little bit crazy" - Muge Productions need to hear from you!

If you’ve ever watched TV reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and thought “my family could better that”, well here’s your chance! Muge Productions is looking for a Turkish family in London to feature in six 3-minute episodes that will be presented for airing on Channel 4 Shorts. If the mini series is a hit, the producers could be commissioned to turn it into a reality TV show on a national channel.

The show’s writer and director Muge Ahmet told T-VINE the series is a light-hearted look at how a modern Turkish family functions in London. “Family life is important to Turks and this is a fantastic opportunity to expose our culture. The family we are looking for are funny, interesting and a little bit crazy, which all makes for great TV viewing.”

Muge Ahmet
The ideal family comprises of a mum and dad with two or three teenage children or young adults (a mixture of sons and daughters), perhaps a nene or a dede, dayı or a teyze in the mix too. The show would be unscripted, aiming to capture the family in their natural habitat over a short period of time, primarily during social gatherings in their home, such as at dinner, or at other family moments (wedding, shopping…) allowing viewers to gain a glimpse into family life and the different personalities involved.

Muge, who has previously written for Eastenders spinoff series E20 and has penned a new comedy sitcom about a Turkish Cypriot family living next door to a Nigerian family, has been pushing for more diversity on British television. She says, “Now I have the attention of Commissioner from a national TV station, I am keen to make a positive impression”.

So if you think your family – or one you know – could fit the bill, create a short video clip of the family members (no more than 2 minutes long) and send to Muge Ahmet by email: or tweet her @Muge89, along with brief details about the family (names, ages, work/interests, family location and contact details). Deadline for applications is 28 March 2015.

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