Saturday, 8 February 2014

Jamie Oliver's magazine says Leyla Kazim "one of five bloggers to watch this year"

Well done to T-VINE's food critic Leyla Kazim, whose talents are recognised in the latest edition of Jamie Oliver's magazine. A prolific online chronicler of all things food, both on Twitter and her blog The Cutlery Chronicles, Leyla is recommended by Jamie's magazine as "one of five bloggers to watch this year". 

Sadly they got her exotic origins partly wrong in their description - she is a gorgeous mix of Mauritian and Turkish (not Greek!) Cypriot - which they have since corrected online. However they are absolutely right in saying she has a total "love of world cooking". Curious? Check out Leyla's posts on Twitter @LeyLaLaa or her blog, The Cutlery Chronicles

Photo by Ren Behan, another of the 5 bloggers recommended by Jamie's magazine

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  1. I've only just seen you wrote this - haha! Thank you Ipek :) X