Tuesday, 22 April 2014

London Hidrellez Spring Festival


According to Turkish folklore Hızır is a prophet who became immortal by drinking the Water of Life. He is now thought to wander among people in the spring, helping those in difficulty by granting them good health, fortune and other wishes. While it’s not exactly clear when and where Hızır lived, his legacy lives on as the symbol of Spring and new life. 

Each year at the beginning of May, a special festival called Hidrellez is celebrated in Turkey and the wider region, drawing on the rituals and customs of Ancient Mesopotamia, in the hope the prophet Hızır will grant their wishes. Zet Productions brought the festival concept to the UK last year. Expect another explosion of colour, live music and dancing from this year’s party. 

The one-night only event presents a wealth of Turkish, Roma Gypsy and Balkan artists, including the Naci Gören Orchestra, Melisa Yavas, and Hayalet. There will also be food, a bar, stalls and a giant wishing tree. 

Event date: Sunday 04 May 2014

Venue address: Cypriot Community Centre, Earlham Grove, Wood Green, London N22 5HJ
Event starts: 7pm
Tickets:  £10 adv/£15 on door


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