Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Republic Day celebrations muted in Turkey following latest mining disaster


A bittersweet day in Turkey: today is the 91st anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. However celebrations are muted as the country follows the fate of 18 miners trapped 375 metres underground in a mine in Karaman following flooding. A rescue mission has been underway since yesterday. Our thoughts & prayers are with the miners & their families.

Rescuers trying to pump water out of flooded mine where 18 miners are trapped

The country has a poor track record when it comes to worker safety. In the past two months alone, there have been a spate of deaths on construction sites, including 10 men working at the Torun Centre site in Mecidiyekoy, central Istanbul, who plummeted to their deaths when an elevator they were travelling in crashed in September. In May this year, a mining disaster in Soma claimed the lives of 301 miners. 

National mourning declared as death toll continues to rise in Turkish mine disaster 14 May 2014

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